Art Gallery Mississauga Latin Festival
We celebrate our culture! Come and join us!

Logo art gallery abriendo puertas 2021

The Colombian Cultural House / Casa Cultural Colombiana has been bitten by the Latin art bug. As you may be aware, this has been developing in Mississauga, Toronto, and its surroundings, so once again we join the Mississauga Latin Festival by coordinating with the art gallery.

This exhibit is made up of a mixture of cultures, techniques, and colours. This space was created for art professionals as well as those who are beginning their artistic journey. By opening this virtual exhibit, it is providing an opportunity for people around the world to join the community from the comfort of their homes. This exhibit is showcasing the most precise expressions of the current era, under the professional stroke of twelve talented artists.

The artists will captivate you with Modernism, Impressionism, Symbolism, Abstract, and Contemporary art, as well as photography which will form a bond that will surely leave you wanting more.

Abriendo Puertas de Colombia para el Mundo, as this art exhibition is called, is a real invitation for those who are passionate about art, or for whoever wants to learn more about the Latin flavor up close.

It is an honor to be part of the Canadian community and join all the diverse cultural roots that have grown in Ontario, as well as all of the provinces and territories in Canada, and that's why we want you to know more about Latin Americans and what we can offer.

The Colombian Cultural House / Casa Cultural Colombiana proudly presents these talented artists who have discovered an irreplaceable style of communication about everything that happens in the world around them and invites the community at large to support them in their growth, and striking development in their wonderful works of art.

Claudia Montoya
President – Casa Cultural Colombiana