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Who is a volunteer?

It is someone who decides to act in recognition of a need, with an attitude of social responsibility and without worrying about the monetary benefit.

Voluntary work is the most fundamental action of citizenship and philanthropy in our society. It is a personal decision to offer one’s time, energy and abilities to serve others.

Every day, thousands of people voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to thousands of organizations throughout Canada.

They offer their free time without any expectation of reward. Their hours of service ensure that many activities are carried out and that many people receive help.

Volunteer work opportunities at Casa Cultural Colombiana

Casa Cultural Colombiana invites you to participate as a volunteer and contribute to the diffusion and promotion of our culture. Becoming a volunteer at Casa Cultural Colombiana is a great experience. Volunteers are the bridge between the community and the programs and events we offer. As a volunteer of Casa Cultural Colombiana, you can participate in the committees of our programs and events, such as: Film Club, Dance Club, Literature Club, Art Gallery, Colombian Chocolate, Lake Ontario Cruise, Fundraising and marketing.
Thanks to the participation of volunteers, Casa Cultural Colombiana has promoted and foster Colombian art and culture in Canada for more than 18 years.

If you wish to join the team as a volunteer in the events and / or cultural programs of the Casa Cultural Colombiana; download, fill out the volunteer application form (only available in English) and send it by email to: info@casaculturalcolombiana.com