Colombia at the northern tip of South America, is a country of lush rainforest, towering mountains and coffee plantations. "Welcome, Our home is your home"!


Dear Colombian citizens in Canada:

Casa Cultural Colombiana invites you to participate in the very first Latin Fall Fiesta and Parade 2019, which will take place on September 22, 2019, at the Artscape Wychwood Barns in Toronto. This year, we are highlighting and celebrating the achievements of Colombian athletes on the world stage. We have chosen our theme to be "Colombia Land of Champions" in their honour. Some of the athletes that have been particularly triumphant - to name a few - are:

Sebastián Cabal y Robert FarahChampions Wimbledon and US Open Grand Slam 2019
Egan BernalChampion Tour de France 2019
Catherine Ibarguen Olympic Gold Medal Triple Jump 2016 and Best World Athlete 2018
Sofia GomezDeep Diver and Apnea World Record 2019
Maria Camila OsorioChampion Girl’s Singles US Open Grand Slam 2019
Mariana PajonGold Medallist BMX Pamanerican Games 2019
Sara LopezWorld Record Hyundai Archery World Cup in Medellin 2019
Alejandro PereaGold Medallist Para-Cycling Track 2018
Diego DueñasGold Medallist Para-Cycling Track 2019
Sandra ArenasGold Medal Track and Field – Panamerican Games 2019
Nairo QuintanaChampion Giro d Italia 2014 and Vuelta a España 2016
Sebastian Franco - Alejandro HerreraMen's Doubles Racquetball World Championships Burlington, Ontario, Canada 2014

And our always beloved soccer players James, Falcao, Pibe, Higuita among others and our never forgotten Maria Isabel Urrutia, Ximena Restrepo, Mabel Mosquera, Maria Luisa Calle, Yuri Alvear, and many more!

Come and pay tribute to our athletes who make us proud to be Colombian, who bring Colombia to the world stage, and who make our souls vibrate with emotion and patriotism. They are an inspiration to us all and a constant reminder of what we can achieve when we pursue our dreams and persevere until we conquer them.

We invite you to come to celebrate with us, bring your flag, your poncho, your t-shirt, your hat, anything you would like! Do you have a typical costume? This is the opportunity to wear it. We count on you to make this moment great. We will also be having a beautiful booth with typical Colombian treats. Register early and leave your tri-colour mark on September 22!


Special thanks to our sponsors:

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LATIN Fall Fiesta and Parade 2019 - COLOMBIA




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Colombian Culture is formed from the heritage of the indigenous peoples present in the territory since ancient times, the Spanish traditions adopted during the colonial era and African customs built by slaves that the conquerors brought. This mix of cultures is a society common to other Latin American countries but at the same time very unique too.
"Be our guest and discover the Colombian Culture and Heritage"
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20th Anniversary

In 2018 "Casa Cultural Colombiana" celebrates its twentieth anniversary. We invite the entire community to join in this celebration; for more information contact us at